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What is is established for the purpose of attaining a common vision, shared by those who are change agents in our society, those who believe a utopian society to be possible. The primary objective is to come together and unite ever faithfully to provide emotional support, guidance and advice, and be business partners to each other--all to make our lives easier, happier, and more purposeful. We believe that as long as we are dedicated to changing ourselves, from inside out, we can influence the people around us and transform this world into a better place. By learning the practical wisdom embodied in these books and others like them, we raise our consciousness and solidify our devotion to cultivate our egos in order to free our souls, all for a better SELF.

Our Motto is: By Changing Ourselves We Change This World

We change this world for the better by practicing Multi-Level Compassion. Our goal is to share through the chain of cultivating and empowering others to find happiness within and to gain the wisdom necessary to reach their highest potentials. By setting a good example individually, this chain of compassionate deeds will continue to multiply to benefit many others through everyone’s effort of unselfish giving and sharing.

Message from the Author

Change is a good thing in life. It is a necessity and not a matter of choice.

"Change" is an integral part of living. It is the intrinsic nature of every living thing. It is the very core of transformation and the very essence of growth. Transformation is a natural process. It is an unconscious process which requires no effort on our part; however, a productive transformation needs to be a conscious process since it requires our commitment to make it purposeful.

Life is all about purpose and meaning. The speed of learning should be in the form of jogging and running through the journey of life to the point of leaping and perhaps flying. This is where the true learning comes in. As we leap and fly through the journey of life, we also become “one” with the journey of life and experience firsthand the beauty, the truth, and the spirit of life in its grandeur, in its purest form, and in its multiple dimensions.

What an awesome experience we will encounter at this stage of learning! Perhaps, those who like to take it slow and become laid back about the whole idea of learning should reconsider this decision because they might never get to the leaping and flying stage of the journey in this lifetime.

For that reason, Transformation is a process that begins with our birth and ends with death, but it goes on with our spirits. The resistance to change is in actuality a resistance to following the flow of nature. It only stagnates our growth and keeps us from moving forward with the rest of the world.

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